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The future depends onwhat you do in the present
African American Couple


Today is a great day to get started...

Looking for couples counseling?  Individual counseling?  Family counseling?  Are you blending your family and need support?  

Located in Tigard, Oregon (just across 217 from Portland), Counseling Services
is a group of five independent counselors/marriage and family therapists, who practice alongside one another, offering a wide variety of counseling experiences and areas of expertise.

We value all persons with equal regard and view people as multi-faceted physical, spiritual, emotional, sexual, social beings; we feel it is the integration of these aspects that help us live well.  We hold that counseling is to be a place of respect, safety, and process.

This is a dynamic where individuals join in relationship with their counselor to explore new ways of being. Based on your stated goals and needs, we seek to help with understanding of personhood and relationship with others. Part of our role as counselors/therapists, is to facilitate hope that leads to a healing and a movement toward self-fulfillment, which we believe is the ultimate experience of humanity.

Please explore our website to get to know us better and we hope we'll have the chance to get to know you, as well!